Upgrading by deploying packages : good idea and feasible ?

Hi all,

I’m working on a migration from 9.12 to 10.5.
The documentation I found is speaking to use Command Central or an “upgrade tool” … but it for keeping all DB data, UM stuffs or such that we haven’t any need.
I have to add that our code is very basic (large but not containing any advanced features) and concerns only ISes packages.

What about this alternative approach :

  • install a fresh 10.5
  • use wMDeploy to … deploy packages from 9.12 targeting 10.5
  • review settings to suite the new environment (IS extendeds as well as packages’ own config).

Do you think it’s feasible ?
Is 10.5 wMDeployer ables to interacts with 9.12 ?



May I know the list of sag components that resides on your source version. Based on that I can provide you the best approach/strategy for your upgrade.

Hi Mahesh ,

We are using only :

  • ISes
  • JDBC
  • home made flows or BPMs
  • MWS without any customization

We are not using other adaptors or TN or anything.

Thanks for your inputs.


I see the your current setup is not plain IS but has BPM components, you need to move the historical process data, product db to your newer version. As a best practices and standards it is adivsable to use the upgrade migration steps (migration utility) for your upgrade project which will ease upgrade process.

As per your current landscape and as-is migration, the upgrade activity should be done in 3/4 months time.

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Historical data are not needed (it’s a dev env, only the code has to be transfered).



afaik Deployer is not able to deploy across versions directly.

Build from 9.12 and then migrate the project to 10.x and then deploy it might work.

Which Version os JDBC Adapter are you running on?
9.12 supports up to JDBC Adapter 9.10, but for 10.x there is 10.1 and 10.3 available.

When the historical bpm instance data is not needed, just create a new set of database schema and install a fresh installation of the products.

Run migration tool provided by IS to transport and upgrade the packages from 9.12 to 10.x.
After that, run the migration service in the JDBC Adapter package to migrate the adapter services to the current formats.
After this is done check the server.log during startup for any error messages and check the services accordingly to perform any post-migration corrections to them.

See Upgrade Guide and JDBC Adapter Users Guide for further informations.

Hopefully you have the BPMs stored under Version Control.
After installing the new Designer, add the proper version control plugin to it and check out the BPMs again.
While opening them for the first time in the new Designer, they will be upgraded to the new version and can then be regenerated to the Process Engine.


Following quote is from Deployer documentation https://techcommunity.softwareag.com/ecosystem/documentation/webmethods/deployer/wdy10-5/10-5_Deployer_Users_Guide.pdf

Use Deployer 9.12 in source machine to export build from your existing server
Use Deployer 10.5 in target machine to import build, and release the build

Along with IS packages, import all ACL’s, configs etc.,

If your process model are really critical and required, instead of migrating by running scripts, i would suggest to redo & build. If you do not have the latest version, you can extract it from prt/pra table.


yes, builds can be imported to newer Deployer but they will still be bound to the version where the build was taken from.
Even when building with Deployer 9.0 where the source is 8.2 it can only be deployed to any other 8.2 servers.

Project needs to be migrated to newer version before it can be deployed to newer IS version.