Upgraded to 7.1 TP send xCBL Document may or may not be recognized

We have upgraded from 6.5 to 7.1.
We have a TP that sends us orders some orders will process just fine…other orders come in as Unknown doc, sender, and receiver.

I can immediately drop another order from the same TP and it will work as it should.

I have compared the docs in xmlspy and see no glaring difference.

So… I go into TN documents types and try to test the document type and it tells me it is trying to process it as a change order instead of an order. The query fails? There is no data that should be indicating this is a change order.

Has anyone had this issue
My trading partner sends xCBL order 12345 it processes just fine
a Minute later the the same trading partner sends order 54321 and TN tries to process it as a change order.

comparing the files there is no difference in the xmls structure.

After Digging I found some file have & and some do not. It appears UTF-8 encoding code that took care of this in 6.5. It looks like 7.1 needs a few more parameters set.

assign UTF-8 to ‘encoding’
true to ‘isXML’ Service-in parameters of pub:xml:xmlStringToXMLNode.

There may be others I do not actually have this solved but I am working on it.