Upgrade TN 46 to 615 Conversation Scripts

Hi experts,

I am considering an upgrade from 4.6 to 6.1.5 Integration Platform.

We are currently using BPM functionality like this:

  1. Create Document types and partners in TN
  2. Design the proces model with BI 4.6 using TN’s doc types
  3. Deploy the process to TN, resulting a TN Conversation script
  4. Implement TN Conversation script’s steps as IS flow services (using TN logic like Tn logging, Tn document handling, etc)
  5. Run the conversation script under TN by submitting documents

Reading wM upgrade docs I found out that Conversation scripts are not supported anumore under TN 6.1…

I am a little confuse about how to achive similar BPM under 6.1 integration platform. As I understood proces models are running locally under IS directly, in this case it’s still possible to reference TN doc types and to use TN BizDoc repository management and partners management?