How to overcome conversation script concept while migrating the code from 4.6 to 6.5

We are migrating the webMethods code from 4.6 versions to 6.5 versions.
In 4.6 we used the conversation script concept but there is no conversation concept in webMethods 6.5 version.
Please guide me the best suitable approach to overcome the conversation concept in 4.6 versions.
Ashok kumar.G

Starting from IS6.x you have to use process modeler(Modeler component) If you have Rosettanet,CIDX,PIDX based integrations.When IS6.0.1 released there are some documentation that covers how to handle the the old conversation script migrations to modeler based.
Do a search in the advantage site for those docs.

What is your current integration type that being used TN4.x conversation concept??


Thanks for your quick response.
Presently we are using chem standards type xmls with B2B integrations and we are using the following components in 4.6 version.
1. TN
2. Developer
3. TN Database
4. IS
5. Proxy server( Reverse invoke settings)
6. SAP Adoptor
no broker , no JDBC adoptor in the present configuration .
I reffered some documents in webMethods advantage. They suggested to use moduler and monitor. See the following main sentence which is captured from pdf and advise me to proceed further.

6.5 webMethods components use process models instead of conversation scripts. You use webMethods Modeler to create process models from which you generate runtime elements such as Integration Server flow services and triggers. Integration Server manages the processes at runtime, and you monitor the runtime processes using webMethods Monitor.