Upgrade and migrating webmethods IS 8 to wm 10

I’m working on planning a migration project from webMethods 8.0.1 to the latest 10.x. yah i know :slight_smile:

First of all if anyone worked on similar project, please advise or let’s talk !

We are running on SPARC servers with OS Solaris 10.

Obviously there will be a lot of changes on the architect, but still i’m still stumbling in answering the following :

  • We know the infrastructure meets requirements, but how can we decide on the hardware with target version in respect to performance? Can we simulate? What statistics we can use from actual platform?

  • What’s the best approach to select new hardware? What about OS?

  • Is it true that we have to get new license with OS change?

last of all,

  • should we consider the upgrade paths ? or do it’s better to do new installation and migrate everything? what is the best migration strategy ?

Please advise on this.


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Hi Amadeus,

Please check the supported upgrade pathes documentation as well as the various upgrade guides.

I would suggest the following way:
8.0 → 8.2 (this might be possible as overinstall)
8.2 → 9.5/9.8 (I am currently not sure if 9.12 is available for this step)
9.5/9.8 → 10.1 (10.1 preferred here as this is the release which provides extended support after reaching end of regular lifecyle)

Please note that latest version of Broker is 9.6, so will have to migrate Broker from 8.x to 9.6 in last migration step latest.
If you are using JDBC Adapter you should consider upgrading this one as well (6.5 → 9.0 → 9.10).
The version of the Adapter indicates the minimum IntegrationServer version it will run on.
Remember to update any libraries used by the adapters as well to get access to new features (i.e. JDBC 4.0) and for stability.

If you are unsure you should contact SAG Global Consulting for migration assistance.

Additionally you should consider an Upgrade of your OS from Solaris 10 to Solaris 11 during your migration.
There might be an DB-Update neccessary as well. See webMethods Requirements Guide and webMethods Adapters Requirements Guide for details.


Hi Holger,

Thank you for the reply.

what do you think the best approach to select new hardware?

do you have any testing or feedback using SPARC S7 hardware ?


Hi Amadeus,

unfortunately I have no data about the S7 series as we are still on T4-1 boxes and will keep these for the moment due to licensing.

You contact your local license manager as well as your SAG Sales representative to get this checked.

You can check the wM System Requirements guide for details about memory and disk space required.