Upgrade 46 61 Manual tasks

Hi all,
I am using the upgrade utility to upgrade all my integrations from 4.6 to 6.1 but I’m stuck on a few instances

If anyone knows a document in which the manual tasks are explained, please show me, because I didn’t find it!

I have problems doing these tasks:

  • Configure Integration Server for File Write
  • Create ACLs that correspond to client groups
  • Branch Step manual task
  • Conversion plugin does not exist - Placeholder created
  • Create conversion service
  • Edit integration solution to include file polling
  • Edit and compile service generated from custom code
  • Make sure generated service produces output
  • Port script changes to generated services

If anyone can explain necessary actions for these manual tasks, please do! The explanation provided in the upgrade utility is insufficient as I don’t understand what action is need, where and when

Hi Mcoene,

Did you get answer to your questions above? Especially Create ACLs on Integration Server that correspond to the client groups.
I am facing the same issues, Please reply