EDI 46 to 6x


Well next week i have to start working on EDI 6.0.1 with new client, went through most threads …having worked on EDI 4.6 world lots of stuff makes sense …i don’t have 6.x installed @ home to try out

So what should i do / where to look for specific 6.x enhancement

is it just TPA …?

how about ISA/GS generation ? any pre configured service provided by webmethods

Read in 6.1 TPA level FA on/off is there …how abt 6.0.1 ? Do we have to call generateFA from processing rule …




Please go thru the documentation of EDIModule 6.01,6.1 and download the documentation from Advantage.webmethods.com site.

There are few new features added like EDITPA,generateFA service,FAReconciliation,replacing of templates with Dictionary,Schemas etc…

ISA/GS Envelope generation is not preconfigured still you need to use addICEnvelope,addGroupEnvelope to build this.

For generating 997 you just have to invoke generateFA service that will build you the outbound AK1,AK2,AK5,AK9 997 structure and in earlier versions we have to do custom mapping to manage the multiple transactions in the GS level.