Upgradation from 6.1 to 6.5

We are planning to upgrade webMethods Integration Platform 6.1 to 6.5.
We are using following components from integration platform 6.1

  1. IS
  2. webMethods Developer
  3. webMethods Broker
  4. webMethods Monitor
  5. webMethods Workflow
  6. webMethods JDBC Adapter
  7. webMethods Siebel Adapter
  8. webMethods SAP Adapter
  9. webMethods MSMQ Adapter

If anybody has any idea about the major changes in the above components’ 6.5 version, please share with me.

I checked on advantage site, but failed to get any useful information from there.


Have you read the release notes for the 6.5.x releases of Developer, Broker, Monitor, Workflow? I don’t believe there are new adapter versions for JDBC, Siebel, SAP or MSMQ.


There is a new SAP6.5 Adapter,Adapter Development Kit GA released for WM6.5,there are few enhancements made in this release,please check in the Advantage for
“webMethods_Adapter_Development_Kit_Release_Notes_6.5” this reflects WmART.

Also please see in the Advantage site in Release Announcements sections for other 6.5 components releases.


Thanks Mark, Thanks RMG, :slight_smile:

Yes I checked the advantage site for release documents. I could find the documents with the list of enhancemnt and fixes. Those are quite helpful.:yawn:
It may be useful for me if somebody can provide practical hints and share the experience who has done such migration.


Also check this thread too,
http://www.wmusers.com/forum/showthread.php?t=8198Check this thread

There is new mywebMethodsServer/UserInterface that effects for (old WmMonitor) for Modeler/workflow6.5.1 for WM 6.5


Thanks RMG,
I appreciate your prompt response. It is very helpful!

I checked advantage site for the changes in wmMonitor 6.5. But on the site they have provided release notes for 6.5.1 (SP1 upgrade). I was wondering where can I find the differences between wMMonitor 6.1 and 6.5.

In the project, we are extensively using wmMonitor 6.1.5 for error handling. It will be okay for us if there is change only in the user interface and underlying database structure.
But if there are major changes in the wmMonitor approach then it will cause a trouble. Do you have any idea whether can we use the existing error handling services from 6.1 “as is” in 6.5?

Can you give more detail about your existing error handling services? The functions of WmMonitor have changed a lot between 6.1 and 6.5. But the concepts are the same. Since the services have moved around or been renamed or consumed by new ones, its doubtful that your error handling would work as is. This is assuming you are invoking stuff directly in the WmMonitor package.

If you can give more detail, I can tell you what I have seen so far.


The following services have been deprecated because the Monitor user interface was moved from Integration Server to My webMethods Server Portal 6.5.1 and its SP1 and decide services from 6.1 “work as is” in 6.5



I want to know how to configure an email id in error handling so that if an error occurs the detail error report will go directly to the respective email id.Please help me in this regards. I am working on 9.12 Designer.


How about open a new thread for your question?