Updating binder transport in a provider webservice descriptor


I would like to update a binder transport from http to https in the designer.
But I cannot do it : The text zone is locked

Do you already faced such situation ?



I believe this changes are for consumer binder. i.e. you are doing changes to the consumed Web-service.

Instead of doing direct change you can create a web service Alias on IS Admin page for this with https details and in the designer service drop down select this particular https alias name.


Hi Syed,

Actually, if the binder’s transport is HTTP, you can’t see an endpoint alias with HTTPS type listed on the Port Alias dropdown.

I have the same problem as Julien, and I can’t think of a solution to the problem (in my case, I want to consume a HTTP service in a dev environment, and a HTTPS service in a production server, both using a same Port Alias).


I have found the cause of this problem.
It is located in the wsdl you use to create WS descriptor :
in the <wsdl:service, you have the URL of your webservice. If it is an http address, you will only be able to select http, if it is an https addres, you will be able to choose https.

This new webMethods version seems to be very less permissive than the others, which cause many problems of anterior versions comatibility.

Anyway, do someone know a good tutorail to put un place ws:security and ws: ddressing together ?

Hello All,

Yes thats correct if your webservice is having a http binding then you will be able to select only http.
if its https then you will be able to select https URL alias from the drop down list.

I worked directly on 9.0 version after 6.5 so not sure if you folks are taking about 8.2 or 7.1 version.

Syed Faraz Ahmed

I currently work in 9.2 and before, 8.6.
but 9.2 cause us many problems on this webservice during migration.

Hi Julien,

What i feel is webservices are much more simpler to create and manage now after 9.0.

there are couple of things here.

When you are creating a http url alias in Dev and in production you want to use https then in that case you need to keep the name same for http url alias of dev same as https url alias of production.

Let me know what problem exactly you are facing. I would be happy to help you in this.

Syed Faraz Ahmed