UpdateNodeLevel in VB

I am having some trouble updating a single node from within VB. I get the following error: HAAXJE8400 HTTP Error 500 Server Error. I do have the ModIIS and NodeLevelUpdate DLLs in my IIS ISAPI filters.

Here is my code.

Set oTamino = New TaminoX

If oTamino.Initialize() = 1 Then
With oTamino
.csDatabaseURL = “http://localhost/tamino/reportsonline

.encoding = “utf-8”

lErr = .GetErrorStatus(vMsg)

If lErr <> 0 Then
Err.Raise lErr, “Tamino:Ping”, vMsg
End If
End With

Set oDOM = New DOMDocument40
oDOM.loadXML “yes”
oTamino.InoReplaceChild “rptdocument/@1”, “rptdocument/viewable”, oDOM
lErr = oTamino.GetErrorStatus(vMsg)

If lErr <> 0 Then
Err.Raise lErr, “Tamino:InoReplaceChild”, vMsg
End If

End If

Set oTamino = Nothing
Set oDOM = Nothing

Any help would be appreciated.


Hi Heather,

Just a small point about your code. The Database URL is concatenated with the relative URL from your InoReplaceChild to make a complete URL to the document to be updated. In your case the collection seems to be missing. Just put the collection name on the front of the relURL like this:

oTamino.InoReplaceChild “collection/rptdocument/@1”, “rptdocument/viewable”, oDOM

But if this change doesn’t help, take a look at the FAQ because you may have problems with the version of MSXML you are using, or with the way NodeLevelUpdate is installed.


Thanks Bill, I checked the installation and I had the DLL in the wrong directory. Now I get the following error.

HAAXJE8415 Exception occurred. InoDoCommand.cpp,50: COleDispatchException = 0x2, 0x0

I am using MSXML 4 and I have my collection in the path to the document. I have also read the FAQ document and found a couple of samples. Any other suggestions? Thanks again for any help.


I think the problem is related to MSXML 4 - the node level update does not work with this version. I would recommend installing and using MSXML 3.

Actually MSXML 4 was not the problem. The documentation seemed to want a DOM Node object in the last parameter, I passed it a DOM Document object and all was well. Thanks for the suggestions though!