NodeLevelUpdate.dll / InoReplaceChild


I installed XML Starter Kit. I want to use InoReplaceChild (ActiveX API). I read that I need to install nodelevelupdate.dll.

Is it possible to install nodelevelupdate.dll without uninstalling and re-installing Tamino?

[Windows 2000, IIS]

see posting : NodeLevelUpdate.dll

What does setup do? Does it only add the NodeLevelUpdate feature or does it install something that already has been installed? I don’t want to loooose data and I don’t want to break Tamino.
Will I get the problems written in that thread? :wink:


By installing client only the database server and databases won’t be touched. It will just install the client stuff but you need to ensure the nodelevelupdate is installed.

I believe this installation does not install the Microsoft XMLDOM control - that is up to you to download and install. As far as I remember anyway.

hth, Stuart