Single nodelevel update, how on Unix?

Reading the documentation it seems to me that the only possibility to perform single nodelevel update is using IIS and the supplied DLL.
My question is if it’s possible and if yes how to use the single nodelevel update with Tamino running on an AIX with Apache as webserver?




The “nodelevelupdate” feature is only supplied as a plug-in to IIS and therefore only supplied as a .Dll for the Windows platform. The alternative is to use XQuery-Update feature of Tamino v4.

Hope this helps.

Stuart Fyffe-Collins
Software AG (UK) Ltd.


use XQuery-Update feature of Tamino 4. It is well documented and is really a “ccol” feature of Tamino 4.

I would not recommend the usage of the node level update dll for IIS. It will not work for Apache or on Unix platforms anyway.

Well, more or less what STuart recommended …