Update SSL Certificate

Webmethod API Developer Portal used and version 10.15

I need to know how to update the API Developer Portal Certificate And Port with steps or an article that describe it.

because when I Use the Try API this error occurs.
Software ag -1 PKIX path building failed: sun.security.provider.certpath.SunCertPathBuilderException: unable to find valid certification path to requested target;

this setting can’t be found in the documentation.

Hi Mahmoud,

please check your certificate chain for any intermediate and root CA which are not part of the cacerts file provided by your jvm used to run the Portal server.
When some of them are missing add them to a custom truststore and apply it to your server.

The Administrators Guide should have some information how to set up certificates for SSL for the server.


Can you explain more about where to check the certificates for the Developer portal

Hi Mahmoud,

unfortunately, I have never worked with Developer Portal, only with on prem IS.


I finally figure it out to be done through CMD with the help of this

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Hello Mahmoud,

Here I am sharing the details as per understanding your query.

Updating the SSL certificate for the API Developer Portal in Software AG’s webMethods may require several steps. Please keep in mind that the actual processes may differ depending on the version and configuration of your environment, so always refer to the official documentation or contact Software AG support for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Here is a general instruction on how you can update the SSL certificate for the API Developer Portal.

Note: Before making any changes, make a backup of your current configuration, especially if you are working with SSL certificates.

Obtain a New SSL Certificate: Get a new SSL certificate from a reliable Certificate Authority (CA).
Make sure the certificate is in the correct format (e.g., PEM, PKCS12) for webMethods.

Then <

Import the certificate to the keystore: Determine the keystore utilised by the API Developer Portal.
Use the keytool utility to import the new certificate into the keystore.
Replace placeholders (<keystore_path>, <keystore_password>, <alias_name>, <path_to_new_certificate>) with your specific information.

Next <

Navigate to API Gateway configuration settings.
Update the SSL settings to include the newly imported certificate.
This could include specifying the keystore’s location, alias, and other relevant characteristics.

Next <
To effect the modifications, restart the API Developer Portal and its related services.

Next <
Verify the Changes: After restarting, use a web browser to access the API Developer Portal and ensure that the new SSL certificate is in use.
Test the APIs to ensure that the PKIX path creation error is no longer occurring.

Apart of these you have to check the:

  • Version-specific processes or considerations, consult the official documentation for your webMethods version.
  • Look through the API Developer Portal’s configuration files for any SSL certificate or keystore setups.

If I missed any step please let me know!!!

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i hope my answer is useful for you.

To update the SSL certificate for the Web Methods API Developer Portal (version 10.15) and resolve the PKIX path building error, you can follow these general steps:

  1. Acquire the New SSL Certificate:
    Obtain a Cheap SSL certificate for your API Developer Portal from a trusted Certificate Authority (CA). Ensure that the certificate includes the full certificate chain.

  2. Backup Existing Configuration:
    Before making any changes, it’s essential to create a backup of your current API Developer Portal configuration. This includes any configuration files related to SSL certificates.

  3. Locate SSL Configuration:
    Explore the API Developer Portal documentation or configuration files to identify where SSL certificate settings are stored. Look for parameters related to the SSL certificate and port.

  4. Update SSL Certificate:
    Replace the old SSL certificate with the new one. Update the relevant configuration settings with the new certificate path and information.

  5. Restart API Developer Portal:
    After updating the SSL certificate, restart the API Developer Portal to apply the changes. This step is crucial to ensure that the portal recognizes and uses the new certificate.

  6. Test API Access:
    Try accessing the API using the “Try API” feature. Verify that the PKIX path building error no longer occurs.

Unfortunately, specific steps and locations for SSL certificate configuration may vary based on the API Developer Portal version and its documentation. If the settings are not clearly documented, consider reaching out to Software AG support or consulting their community forums for version-specific guidance.

Additionally, check for any release notes, update guides, or knowledge base articles related to SSL certificate updates for version 10.15. Others who have faced similar issues may have shared their experiences and solutions in the community forums.

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Thank You

If you’re using these certs for development and test workloads, then get them for free from Letsencrypt. This is a recognized public CA so your certs will be trusted by default.
The main constraint is with the short life of these certificates, not more than 3 months. In production this can cause issues, unless you have automated the renewal process (there’s a lot of documentation on the internet to do it.)

Hello everyone,

I am facing the same issue but in my case I am using the developer portal as a cloud service.

is there any Ideas how to update the SSL certificates in the cloud service ?


If you’re talking about webmethods.io, then I don’t think you can update the server certificates, for they are managed by Software AG.
What is exactly your problem with the Dev. portal server certificate, that would make you want to change it?