Changing default certificates used by the webMethods API Portal Loadbalancer

webMethods API Portal tutorial

![](upload://8SzkQAIJiC9H3hsZohIH9Qx6oBO.jpeg)Your certificate should consist of two parts the private key used to encrypt information sent back 
to the client (file extension .key) and the server certificate (file extension .crt).  For this example, i have used to generate my self signed certificates by specifying the hostname of my loadbalancer. The generated certificates are attached here.

1. Put these two files(server.key/server.crt) into a ZIP file(for ex  The file names have to be exactly same(server.crt/key)

2. Copy this ZIP file to a local directory(for ex c:\\temp\\ that can be accessed by API Portal Cloud Controller (ACC). 

3. Start the ACC . 

4. Stop the loadbalancer runnable. stop loadbalancer_m 

5. Enhance Loadbalancer: run the comamnd

enhance loadbalancer_s with sslCertificate local file "c:\\temp\\"

6. Start the load balancer runnable again. start loadbalancer_m 

Now your loadbalancer should be up with the new certificates assigned. (2.35 KB)