Modifying core/basic configuration webMethods API Portal

webMethods API Portal guide

Port configuration

At present the only configuration that can be done by the customer during installation of API Portal is customizing the ports (http/https) being used.

  • 18101 - is the default port used for http
  • 18102 - is the default port used for secure transport (https)


Post installation if we would like to modify the ports you can use below commands to alter it.

  • reconfigure loadbalancer_s HTTPD.port=80 HTTPD.ssl.port=443

Above command will make the loadbalancer component to use default http port (80) and the default ssl port (443).

Host configuration

Often times we install the portal in a virutal machine and the default installation would use the hostname of the virtual machine and will complete the installation. Sometimes virutalmachine will not have a DNS mapping and hence accessing by the hostname from outside of the machine is not possible. Post installation, the portal would be accessible with in the virutal machine and not accessible from outside. Even if you access the portal by the virtual machine IP address, you would observe request redirects back to the virtual machine hostname and fails to render the portal.


  • You can reconfigure the loadbalancer servername using

reconfigure loadbalancer_s HTTPD.servername=<ip>


  • Add a entry in your hosts file for the virtual machine. This is not a viable solution. You need to add the host entry in each of the machine that you access.