Update emulation session parameters


I’m wondering if an established session description parameter can be updated? My goal is to include some information in the description once a successful connection and authentication to our mainframe. Then that description information will be available to view on the administrator.

I’m using web services with a web front-end client.

Currently I have it set up to first open a session and navigate to the mainframe sign on screen. Then the user submits their authentication credentials and if successful then the path navigates to the first screen of the application. If not, then sign on error is returned to the front end and the user may try again.

It’s at the step of successful authentication that I would like to add the user name to the session description so that it is available in the administrator to view when examining sessions. I cannot add the user name prior to authentication. I need to know that user is on a particular session.


Hi Erik,

Unfortunately, you can’t change the session description after the session has been created.

However, you may be able to accomplish this by doing the following:

  1. Make sure that the session creation and signon procedure are included in the same procedure (lets call it MySignOn)

  2. MySignOn should include all the parameters required for mainframe authentication.

  3. MySignOn would create a new session - you can use the authentication information to setup the required SessionID ,Description etc.

  4. MySignOn would then execute a Login Procedure using the same authentication information.

  5. If the SignOn Procedure fails then MySignOn kills the created session and returns the error to the front end user.

This way, all session viewed in the administrator would have a proper description.
Let me know what you think of this scenario.

I like the alternate solution you outlined. It’s just what I was thinking of as well. Thanks for making it so clear.

I just need to weave in a password change process and I’ll be set.

Thanks again.