Updatable content provider

I have a webservice in portlet that gives this data structure output :

RichiestaPadre (element of type Richiesta)
RichiesteFigli (elements of type Richiesta)

RichiesteFigli is a content provider (selectable,updatable,… etc) and this datas are shown in a table.
I would like add other rows for manually input data (something like this: see the attachment contentProvider.jpg).
The “cod conv” inserted must be validate with another webservice (the icon next input box) that recover its datas and puts this into “RichiesteFigli” content provider.

How can I do this? It’s possible?


Hi Fabio:

From the Palette drag & drop the “Add Row Button” control in the table.

Also, you may take a look at the document attached in:

Hope this help.


Hi Norberto,
thanks for reply.
My requirement is different from the linked post.
The scenario must be:

  1. insert a customer code in a textbox and invoke a webservice that gets the information of customer.
  2. The informations are divided in two parts: Father information (RichiestaPadre of type Richiesta) and childrens information (RichiesteFigli is list of type Richiesta)
  3. The “RichiesteFigli” content provider is displayed in a table.
  4. The user can be add manually other child using “aggiungi punto vendita” (add row). When I click “aggiungi punto vendita” I want add a row that contains an input box for insert the child’s customer code. I must check that this code exists and I want do it using another webservice. So this informations must be added in content provider “RichiesteFigli”.

Point 1,2,3 are implemented. I would like implement the 4th point.

To recap: The first WS extracts the father’s informations and his childrens. The user can be add manually other child verifying that exists.


Hi Fabio:

Did you make a search in the forums?, There is a lot of examples and recommendations about dealing with tables. I think you’ll find usefull info.

If you can’t find anything come back to this thread.