Unusual THing with Document Lists

Hi All,
I have just observed one thing while dealing with Document lists which i havent seen till now ( to be frank i didnt work till now). I have a document list which holds another document list. I want to access a value in the second document list dymanically. My structure looks something like this:

ABC (Document List)
Suppose i have two variables and b which i hard coded to say 0 and 1. Now in a map step i map the string temp to another string say output. In the link properties i index ABC to %a% and DEF to %b%. Now when i run the service giving inputs the value of variable ‘output’ is null while it should be a value. Anyone please let me know is this thing right or i have gone wrong in fundementals.


P.S: If i did not sound clear dont hestitate to ask any questions.

I didn’t think you could index dynamically with pipeline variables, i.e. %a%. Try hard-coding ‘0’ and ‘1’.

Thanks for you quick response. YOu can do dynamically index bu the problem comes to me when there are two levels of document lists only. i can have the value with ta single doc list.

Was dynamic indexing introduced in IS6.0 I have always had to use pub.list:getRecordListItem in IS4.6

It’s new with IS 6.x / Developer 6.x