Unknown Partner and Message Type Routing Rule created Sender %2360Sender Name Receiver SAPXXXXXX ...

Hi Bhavani,

Could you provide the sender, receiver and message type of the new routing rule that is created?

  • Rajesh Rao

Hi Rajesh,

Initially, I created the sender as *, now a new one gets created with the actual sender, that is available in the IDOC.

This repeats each time a new sender is found…

But what i guessed was the * can handle any sender and proceed with the posting of the IDOC.

hope i have given enough info…

Thanks as usual.
Bhavani Shankar…

Hi Bhavani,

Can you please check if you have ‘RoutingRulePriorityTemplate.cnf’ file in WmPartner package, does it contain the proper routing order.

  • Rajesh Rao


One more thing you might want to check is to see if you have “Content-based routing” setup for this Message Type(ORDERS).
Under SAP/Routing screen, review the “Content based Routing/Mapping Settings for IDocs” and make sure that all the parameters are set to $none.

This may be your issue as ORDERS message type is setup to use content based routing rules by default.



Yeah, I find the cnf file missing in the WmPartners/config directory. But a shortcut to that file exists, and I am taken no where, when I click it.

But still wondering, what could have happenned with the file ? should something be done during installation for the file to get created or is it created by default during SAP BC installation?

Andrew :
By default, all the parameters are set to $none in the SAP/Routing Screen.

Bhavani Shankar


The “cnf” file in my computer has an icon similar to a shortcut and there is no program associated with it. Hence did not open. When I did Send to notepad the same file, the contents were available as desired with SRM, *RM, … .

So I dont think so, the problem is with the cnf file or with the parameters in the SAP/Routing screen…

Bhavani Shankar