Routing rule becomes disabled


I have defined a arouting rule for a custom RFC in SAP BC. But, whenever i restart SAP BC , this routing rule becomes disbaled misteriously.
Can somebody please help as to why this is happening?


Hello Rieta,

Can you provide some more info. Is the BC running on a cluster. Is the database shared. Did you try deleting the processing rule and redefine it?

  • Rajesh Rao

Hi Rajesh,

No the BC is not ruuning on a cluster. I am new to BC so please excuse me its a stupid question, but can you please tell me which database are you talking abt ?

I deleted and recreated the rule. But the behaviour is irregular. Now, At times it would remain enabled … at times on server restart it would come disabled.


Hi Rieta,

I assume you have installed the Trading Networks on your BC. The Trading Networks requires a database, where it stores all the information, such as the partner profiles, processing rules, document type definitions, etc. If you open the TN console and go the menu ‘Tools --> Database Setup’, you should find the information on the database. You might be using a Internal database which is Cloudscape or an external database. What I would like to know is that is this database used by another IS by any chance.

  • Rajesh


Have you looked at your server.log during your startup process? Do you see any errors there?
One thing to check is the package where your routing rule is stored. When a routing rule is created on BC, it stores it in a package and folder. Go to Packages-Management and see if that package loaded correctly during startup.

Once, I noticed disabled routing rules when a package got corrupted due to an unexpected outage. Reloading that package seem to take care of that.



Hi Rieta,

I have seen this issue earlier on my SAPBC, can you check whether you have installed all the SAP Core Fixs and Patches which sap released. One of the SAP Core fix solves the routing rule issue.