Partner Manager UNKNOWN mailbox logs


I’m getting quite a strange behavior from partner manager.
We use partner manager to get messages from SAP then routeXml it to TN. This part is OK since we have messages in the store and the content
in the Mailbox directory /Receiver/Message Type.

What is strange is that I have also in my mailbox directory a directory structure of the form UNKNOWN/UNKNOWN and what I have in it is a bunch of files of the form xxxxxxxxxxxxx.values containing a mixture of SAP Xml and the result of my transformation in a xCbl format plus pipeline values and error information.

Does anybody has an idea of where it comes from ???


Hey Gil,

This appears when the Routing rule is not found for the Sender/Receiver/Message_Type combination.

this forces the pipeline to be saved under Unknown/Unknown folder.

Bhavani Shankar

Well, I’ve checked and this is not the case.
What is weird is that I get the pipeline from a transformation that is taking place AFTER the evaluation of the routing rule.
It is as if the partner manager finds the routing rule, executes the B2B service associated and retreives the results of this service and dumps it into UNKNOWN/UNKNOWN


One other option is to disable the routing to TN and verify whether the SAP routing rule works fine. Then again check the TN part separately.

Probably this should give some clues.

Let us know the results.