Problem with Routing Rule


I have a problem setting up Routing rules. The thing is when I am taking the sender ID and Receiver ID and MSg Type from SAP guys. They have given me DR1CLT130 and receiver as CU111_WMD and msg type as ZPOPAY.

But when I configured with those details. I am not able to receive the IDoc to the IS Service. I am getting an error as Unknown Sender and Msg type CU111_SAP and ZPOPAY.

Then I tried sender ID as CU111_SAP. It worked. My doubt is why is the sender ID getting changed? Even for earlier routing rules …I can see only CU111_SAP as sender…but actually the sender is different when we see it from SAP side.

Is there anyway…where we will configure Sender ID in WebMethods.???

Please help…