SMTP for EDI ERROR Invalid header from

Hi there,

Currently, I am working on a project to set up EDI communication for smtp (outbound). I have set up the services in integration server to pass EDI 850 info to the trading network and the smtp server settings are also configured in trading network.

But I hit a problem when sending the info from integration server to trading network, the sender ID (DUNS) is not picked up whereas the receiver ID is picked up correctly. The message got sent out to my smtp server somehow but wrong value for “from party” .


In the “EDIINT SEND MESSAGE” processing rule, when the sender is set to “any sender”, the trasaction analysis always show unknown and the user status shows the user status for EDIINT SEND MESSAGE processing rule. But when the sender is set to others (eg. my enterprise, etc.), the user status shown in the transaction analysis is for DEFAULT processing rule.

In the activity log displayed, it complained “invalid header from” error, apparently which is correct because the sender was not identified.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

I assume you’re doing the enveloping and setting the IC sender fields properly (01 for sender qualifier and your DUNS for sender ID).

Check the order of your rules. Rules with specific senders/receivers should precede rules that are for “any sender” or “any receiver”.

Your rules should rarely, if ever, use “any sender”. The only rules that should use this are the catch all rules that take action to notify someone “we received a doc that we don’t have a rule for.” I would strongly encourage you to change your 850 rule to use “my enterprise” as the sender.

Lastly, is your “outbound” rule set on the 850 or on the X12 envelope? It should be on the envelope doc type. You should have rule to ignore outbound 850s, which are the individual transaction sets. You want to send out the envelope which holds all groups and transaction sets for a give IC.

Hope this helps.