Unknown files created

When i try deleting a file from the directory another file with .nfs00001e715113934512349ew3 of same size got created and when i try to delete the .nfs file it throws permission error.
Please somebody suggest me what is the reason for creation of .nfs file.

Using Filezilla to upload and delete files from directories.


You delete the file from local or a network file system?

@ Raveesh,

Which are these files that you are trying to delete? From location?

Do you have necessary access rights on the folder?

Let me know :smiley:

Hi Mahesh,

When i try to delete an XML file (temp.xml) from a network system the file will be replaced with .nfs00001e7151139345123 with same size as of temp.xml.
I can’t delete this .nfs file it says rm: cannot remove ‘.nfs00001e7151139345123’ : Device or resource busy

I got to know that when the temp.xml file is opened by the system and delete command to delete that file will result in creation of this .nfs lock file and it will be deleted automatically after the filesystem has release the handles.

Is this is correct…? If it is correct at what time it will be deleted.?


Is these files are on IS file system. I mean where the IS is installed?

Hi Mahesh,

Yes…These file system is same where we have IS installed.
The .nfs00001e7151139345123 file is still residing in the filesystem and am getting following error if i tried to delete that file.
rm: cannot remove ‘.nfs00001e7151139345123’: Device or resource busy


Just a thought. Can you try deleting the files from Unix/Linux (Putty)

nfs (Network File System) is created to deal with multiple system accessing the same file. If a nfs client gets a request from a local process to delete a file, it checks to see if any local processes still have that file open, if so, it renames the file to a .nfs file. And after the last local process closes the file, the nfs client will actually issue the delete.

Make sure local system is not using/locking the file. you can run a cron job on the nfs server that finds .nfs files and delete them.