Scheduled Event Delete not working properly

I have created a scheduled event which performs the below actions;
1.Finding *.tab files from source folder
2.Zip all the files
3.Rename the zipped file to a specific format
4.Move the .zip file to target location
5.Delete the original .tab source files

The event performs the first four steps well, but on the delete step it deletes not only the original file, but also the moved file on the target. The source filter on the delete step doesn’t seem to work at all. Can someone help here where is the issue.

Hi Deepalakshmi,
Could you please share the location details for the source and destination folders? Is it a local or SFTP location? Also, share the IS version?

Hello Sourabh,

Source folder is pointing to remote server SFTP location(default sftp port) and destination folder is remote server SMB shared location(port-445).
IS version used is 10.5

Source SFTP location(files are picked from here)-----> MFT(zipped files comes to local mft path)-------> Target SMB location(zipped files are moved here from MFT local path)

I wanted to delete only the original *.tab files from source and not the moved zipped file.