UniversalMessaging / How to delete a JNDI reference without deleting the channel?


this section in the docs describes how to create a JNDI topic reference to an existing channel.

But how can I delete the JNDI reference without deleting the channel? If I do it in the EnterpriseManager, the channel is also deleted – despite the fact that it was created before the reference.

Is this only possible via some kind of a command line tool?

Thank you for any hints!

I believe you should be able to snoop the naming/defaultContext channel, find the entry that corresponds to your JNDI reference and purge it… although this may be considered something of a hack so I’d use it with caution.
I can’t help but wonder why a. you’d want to get rid of the JNDI entry, and b. why bother create it in the first place if you don’t need it afterwards?


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Thank you for the tip! That would really be a very dirty hack that I would not want to do in the productive system. Besides, if the entry is already there, it’s too late to snoop.

One can change one’s mind about the name. Also, the need in the JNDI entry can change. Did it happen to you that you create a file and then delete it afterwards? Why? My reason is the same.

Well I would not say its dirty as TBH its exactly what will happen under the covers and all of the API’s are just making it easier than snooping and purging the exact event you do not want.

EM only supports the behavior you describe, if you use JNDI and the unbind only the Topic alias will be removed not the store. You can also use UM Tools, specifically the tool called DeleteJMSTopic where you can specific to remove the store if needed

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So it’s just the EM not exposing this feature in the GUI, but it’s possible via the API (or the command line tool), right?

Correct, its just a limit in EM

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