Universal Messaging with LDAP for User Authentication & Group Creation

I have a following requirements w.r.t. Universal Messaging:

  1. Integrate UM to LDAP for authentication purpose. Importing the groups created at LDAP to monitor and control UM assets (Realms/Channels/Zones)
  2. Can I install Enterprise Viewer independently on differnet client machines to monitor UM (Read-Only).


  1. You can configure LDAP authentication in UM. Attached are some training slides that will hopefully help you set it up.
    For the LDAP groups, you will need to write some code that reads the LDAP groups (using standard LDAP API) and then uses the UM admin client API to set appropriate ACLs. See http://um.terracotta.org/#page/%2Fum.terracotta.org%2Funiversal-messaging-webhelp%2Fto-access_control_lists.html%23

  2. You cannot install Enterprise Viewer separately, but if you are rolling this out to users, you can simply delete the Enterprise Manager executable /java//bin/nenterprisemgr.exe to prevent them running that.
    Better, however, would be to set up basic authentication for the realm and use ACLs to ensure some users have read-only access, even when using Enterprise Manager.

Hope this helps.
P10 - UM Basic Authentication - Configuration.pdf (372 KB)

Thanks Jonathan it was really helpful.
I tried Step #2 (Enterprise Viewer) and it works.
However, yet to try out #1. Will update soon with the results.