Configure multiple LDAP servers in API Portal's UMC

webMethods API Portal tutorial

From API Portal 10.3 release, API Portal administrator can configure more than 1 LDAP server in UMC and also import users along with the user group into UMC. In this tutorial, we will explain how to configure multiple LDAP servers in UMC.

1. Access UMC http://localhost/umc and login as administrator.

2. Click on "Configuration" tab, expand "LDAP" section and then click on "General settings".

3. In "General settings" page. click on "Edit" icon to edit the page. Click on "Activate LDAP" & "Activate multiple LDAP integration" checkboxes and click "Save" icon.

4. Once the change is saved, "+" add icon can be seen next to the edit icon.

5. "Add LDAP server" dialog will display on clicking the add icon. An administrator can fill the required fields like ID (any 4 letter unique identifier), Name, Server URL, User name & Password and click "Save" button.

6."+" icon can be used to configure more LDAP servers.

7. Added LDAP servers will be listed under "LDAP" section in the left panel.

8. Administrator can expand the individual LDAP server, edit the information displaying under the section. Once the information are saved, "Test connection" can used to check the validity of the connection.

9. Once the server is configured, users can be imported into UMC by navigating to "User management" tab, click "Additional functions" and select "Start LDAP import" option. 

10. This will import users & user groups from all configured LDAP servers.

11. From 10.4 release, individual LDAP server can be selected in "LDAP import" dialog to import users & groups from a particular LDAP server.