Universal Messaging not appeared on command central

Hello dears,
as per daily checks on command central, i noticed that only master UM is appeared and the other 2 slaves UMs are not appeared

please provide if something is missed …

note: SPM file is running on both slave UM server.

That master and slave is not related to Active/Passive(aka Failover/High Available) cluster. UM server has a Master and Slave nodes if it is Active/Active. The passive node in the Failover cluster will always be shut down hence wont be visible in CC until nodes switch, after that your passive cluster will be invisible, because the server is not running. In Active/Active cluster, Master node will have the master data, slaves will be constantly replicating their versions, hence they will be visible because the server is running all the time.

tl;dr: An active/passive cluster will only have 1 master node with no slaves.

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