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I am new in UM. I’d like to know if there is an Universal Messaging Administrator like IS Administrator or MWS for brokers ?
I read that we should use Enterprise Manager to monitor UM, but I use SSH mode via Putty to connecte to the unix server where the UM is installed and there is now X11 on this server.



you can install Enterprise Manager on a different machine (e.g. a Windows machine) and connect remotely.
You have just to assert that it matches the version of Universal Messaging as installed on your Unix server.
(I am not fully sure whether even the fix level has to match - root cause of this requirement is that the underlying Admin API is not compatible across version (+fix?) boundaries.

I hope that helps

Yes you can install the EM on your local win machine with in your LAN and then to access your UM environment for monitoring or admin task’s etc… based on your needs.



As the other replies have already stated, EM can be installed on another machine and as long as the UM realm server port is accessible from that machine EM should be able to manage it. The realm server and EM installation should be from the same release and we would recommend keeping the server on a higher or equal fix level to the EM client.

Another option of course would be the Software AG Command Central product, which is intended to be the long-term replacement for Enterprise Manager.

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Hi Scott,

I am not sure if Command Central is evolving in the direction to completely incorporate the EM functionality additionally to the current Landscape management feature.

Can you refer to some documentation where this is mentioned?


Interesting to me as well :slight_smile:

Hi Scott,

Do you have any plans in your road-map to move UM EM functionalities to MWS (replica of Broker)?

Hi all,

The Universal Messaging release notes cover the additional UM-specific functionality that has been added to Command Central in each release. You can see the latest release notes here.

At a very high level, our goal is to migrate enough EM functionality into Command Central to allow all EM users to eventually switch to Command Central. This is a long-term project that has to be prioritised against all the other planned work on UM, so I cannot commit to a date when it will be complete.

There are currently no plans for any UM integration with MWS.

To be honest, this forum is not really the appropriate place to discuss product roadmaps and nothing I have said here should be taken as a committment about any future release of Universal Messaging or Command Central. If you are interested in the product roadmap please contact your Software AG account manager who would be able to organise a session with Product Managment. Alternatively you might want to check out some of the presentations from the 10.3 release virtual conference.

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Thanks a lot Scott…