Unicode string max size

Hi guys!
I was looking for in the documentation for the max. size of an “unicode string” without success!

Anybody knows what’s the limit?

We’re using ActiveWorks v.4.1 on HP-UX 11.0



The unicode string in webMethods is modelled on the java.lang.string. In java.sun.com you can find that the length of a java.lang.string is 2**31 -1 in length. It is a very large field. In practical use, I have seen errors in webMethods with strings over 3000 bytes in length. The errors were related to a table definition in Oracle where we were writing our logs. If we expanded the Oracle definition for the string we could go much higher. Because Oracle or SQL server are used most often in logging in webMethods, you have to look at these table definitions to find the true limit on the length. In Oracle, it makes more sense to use a Large Object Binary (LOB) data type if the string is defined larger than a block of storage space - storage is frequently defined in blocks of 4096 bytes. So, a meaningful limit on the string length would probably be 4000 characters in single byte Unicode.

Thanks Jon!
We are using Oracle but that’s not the case.
I only need the unicode string to send data in XML format.
We was watching the XML Adapter’s benefit and for this case we think is better to use a simple event with an unicode string.

Thanks again!