Unicode issue with tid on ECC60

This concerns a BC46 implementation where a connected system has been upgraded to ECC60 unicode. The tids that are generated are no longer alfanumerical but are displayed as 㠀㈀㠀䈀㈀ and similar.
From the detail view, where this ID is displayed in other characters (䈀㈀ ã and similar) I get the IDEA that the ID that is generated is not converted correctly. Listener and RFC are already set to unciode.

Can anybody help or give a hint to solve this?

Kind Regards,

This is a known bug in older versions of the RFC library. Just install the latest “Service Release” for BC 4.6 and it should be fixed. (Or even better: upgrade to BC 4.8…! 4.6 is already out of maintenance…!)