Unexpected end of file

Running Natural(6.1)/Adabas(5.1) on AIX.

While attempting to run a script received the following error;

Unexpected end-of-file occured.
e to ADABAS Response code: 6016
Logon accepted to library .
Unexpected end-of-file occured.
NAT9978 Error occurred during execution/compilation.

Have run other scripts without error.

I am unable to determine the cause and could not find any reference to the above response code.

Any help would be appreciated.


One possible explanation can be derived from the 6016.

In online mode, data for an INPUT statement can come from user input, or from the Stack.

In batch mode, the data must come from the Stack.

Check for *DATA = 0 before whatever is causing the problem.

Thank you for your assistance.

Determined that the parameters passed in the Stack were causing authentication issue.