Error while Compressing a File using ADACMP.

Getting the error “%ADACMP-E-UNXEOF, CMPIN - unexpected end of file”, while compressing a record using the utility. (Windows version)

A. Created an FDT using ADABAS MANAGER
1 , AA , 9 , A , DE,UQ,NU ;SSN
1 , AB ;Name
2 , AC , 35 , A , NU ;first-name

B. Created the Sample File, with the following data. (the file is 44 bytes i.e 35+9)

C. Executed the utility ADACMP, with the the parameters as (DBID=7, file=22, FDT) and the input file name in CMPIN.

Please guide me through, to fix the error.

Add the parameter


Thank You !!! This worked …