UnExpected Behaviour Of Map Statement


I have created one Document Type say “A” which have 3 text field in it.
A ( uid, pwd, url).

Then I Create Another Doc Type “Settings” which Have 3 references of A like Settings(A1,A2,A3)

Now In my Flow Service I am using Doc Ref of “Settings” say MySettings

|- A1
| |- userid
| |- pwd
| |- url
|- A2
| |- userid
| |- pwd
| |- url
| A3
| |- userid
| |- pwd
| |- url

I am using single Map Statement to set the Values for userid, pwd,url of A1,A2,A3.

But when I set uerid,pwd and url of A1, then webmethod does not allows to set the uerid,pwd and url field of A2 and A3. It disables the set operator in pipeline for A2 and A3. If I delete the set operator for A1 then it enables it for A2 or A3.

If I use 3 Map Statement for A1,A2, A3, then webmethod internally changes the set operator which i set. e.g If i set A1 in first Map, and A2 in Second Map it shuffers the set operation for A1,A2,A3 when I run my flow service.

This problems has started after adding new patches.
We have recently installed


This is really strange and unexpected behaviour of Web Method.
Does anybody know how to overcome this problem?

Thanks & Regards

I have tested on 8.0 and the problem does not exist there. If you say this started after adding fixes, then it certainly looks like a bug.
Please contact Software AG support to get it fixed.

Jonathan Heywood
Software AG Product Management