Understanding Intermediate message event

Hi Guys,

I have a process where one step is ‘intermediate message catch’ event. It’s upstream step correlated a key to the process instance.

  1. I triggered one process instance for this process. It then processed all the steps upto this intermediate message catch event and waiting for ‘a new doc’ to arrive.
  2. I sent the new doc - which then resumed this process instance and completed successfully.

So far so good.

In the BPM documentation it is mentioned that

To try this feature, I sent the new doc first (Step 2 above) and then triggered process instance (Step 1).
I expected the process instance to complete as it already has ‘new doc’ in queue. But, looks like it ignored the doc that is already present in queue and the process instance remained in ‘waiting’ status.

Isn’t it supposed to pick up the ‘new doc’ which is already in the subscription queue?

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Hi Raj,

Two things,

  1. if you don’t want to see all possible steps in waiting then check “Igonre Dead paths”.

  2. sending intermediates doc before that event occurs is possible, but if you see in broker message it is discarded hence when actual transition comes to the step there is no queued doc awaiting.


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Yea!! That was great!!