Intermediate Catch Event stucks in pending state in UM for TN started Process Instance

Hello Everybody,

I have a TN doc which starts a Process Instance (Start Event is associated with this particular TN Doc). Works fine. I also extract a conversation Id while processing the TN Document. This Conversation Id is my correlation id (prooved by pub.prt.correlate:lookupCorrelation)

I also have an intermediate Catching Event in my model. This is triggered by a publishable Doc. This Doc contains same correlation Id in a particular field. This field is defined as correlation field.

After starting the process instance I publish the publishable Doc. My subscription Trigger of my Process Model retrieves the Message in UM, but it is PENDING. I see it in UM Enteprise Manager

Process Instance is started.
Intermediate Event Step is in waiting mode.

Similar Process Model with Start Event on e.g. pubDoc1 and Intemediate Event on pubDoc2 works perfectly. But both Event Steps are using correlation fields.

How can I retrieve Intermediate Catching Events in process instances started by TN Doc?

From my understanding establishCorrelation service is not needed for TN started process instances.

Trading Networks Server 10.5 Fix 3|
|Build Number|84|

Thanks for any hint!



I solved it now. In this case it seems a correlation service is mandatory. Just map the document from CorrelationService input (spec) to ProcessCorrelationID and set CorrelateAsTN to true.