Unable to write to flow.xml

I am facing some strange problem while creating flow service in the developer.

I am getting the following exception when I try to create any new flow service:
“com.wm.app.b2b.server.ServiceException :[ISS.0026.9103]Unable to write to flow.xml”

However,earlier I did not have that problem…the flow services which are already existing in my IS,are running fine-but I cant make any change and save on those existing flow services—getting the same exception!!

Any help would be appreciated.

Do you hace the right permission? for example, is the physical directory writable? Or going into the Developer, are the ACL right? For the folder (select the folder, right click, open, and then check ACL) and for the flowS?


Also check to see if the disk might be full.

hi all,
I am facing same problem as above.i checked acl settings.there are no permissions.so now i gave permissions but that time also it shown u cannot give acl settings…now what will do

pls reply me…urgent

HACE you the correct permissions? For example, the physical directory writable? Or to the development, ACL, right?(Select the folder in the folder, right-click, open, and then check the ACL) and flowOutdoor Fun & Backyard Play Save up to 30%

Is this issue resolved?

Did try delete whole paclage/folder and recreate it still same issue?



With these, also please verify that you have 2 files, flow.tmpl and jcode.tmpl present in your dir /%webM IS%/lib .
I solved this issue recently. So please do check it out.


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