Unable to view EDI Document in TN Transaction Analysis

I am unable to view the “content” of the file in Trading Networks
console (in “Transaction Analysis”). The options are enabled but
when I try to view the selected EDI document, nothing is coming up on
the screen. Even there is no error messages coming up. Any ideas
what needs to be done. I guess there is some work needed on config files in Trading Networks but not sure what needs to be done. We are
using WM version 4.6 and server platform is NT.
Thanks in advance for your response.

Hi, you can use the Web Console for the WmTN package to view the EDI documents. I also faced a similar problem and could not figure out why it happens. It works well for XML documents but for EDI it just shows an ‘HourGlass’ for a few seconds and then … Silence !

Any clue? anybody ?


To view/edit the EDI files in TA, pls follow these steps:

1)Copy the editn.jar file into TNConsole/lib directory.

2)Open the TnConsole/bin/console.bat file and edit the line
SET ClASSPATH = and add this %CONSOLEDIR%\lib\editn.jar; and save it.

3)Restart the TNConsole.


It is working now.
Thanks RMG.

Hi Vikram Wani,

Did you get any clue for the problem posted in this message. I am also facing the same problem, even after doing RMG suggestion in this message.

how large is your file?

Hi Chandra Shekar ,

Please follow the RMG suggestion It should work fine,even i had the same problem but i fixed it doing the same procedure as RMG


Hi Chandra Shekhar,

I am facing the same problem of not being able to view the selected EDI document in transaction analysis after the method suggested too.
Were u able to solve it?
Please let me know.