Unable to start wm.server.db:startup


We are unable to start wmDB as the service wm.server.db:startup is failing.

Error stack on debug mode is :

2013-07-16 07:11:06 CDT [ISS.0028.0012I] WmDB: Startup service (wm.server.db:startup)
2013-07-16 07:11:06 CDT [ISS.0015.0005D] Invoking service wm.server.db:startup.
2013-07-16 07:11:06 CDT [BAP.0002.0001D] DataStore: retrieving handle: wm.is.admin.wmdb.ASAP
2013-07-16 07:11:06 CDT [WmAuditingSC.queue.2010D] Attempting to insert event onto queue ‘Error Queue’
2013-07-16 07:11:06 CDT [WmAuditingSC.destination.1203D] Destination ‘AuditFSDest’ attempting to open file ‘C:\WebMethods8\IntegrationServer\logs\WMSERVICE_20130716_071106.log’
2013-07-16 07:11:06 CDT [ISS.0048.9999D] null
2013-07-16 07:11:06 CDT [ISS.0028.0013E] Startup service exited with the following error: java.lang.NullPointerException

I have re-installed wmDB component but it didn’t help. Am i required to re-install WM IS also ?

What is your IS version? And what made to use WmDB (deprecated package) in your implementation as supposed to use JDBC Adapter for DB connectivity:



We are using WM 8.2.2
Using wmDB for a legacy operation using ODBC setup to perform specific function on the back-end DB.
It was working fine till yesterday, now, we see an error on the WM IS start and the WMDB link doesn’t appear on WM IS administration page.

OK got it…Some thing to the WmDB got affected during IS restart that does initialization and were you not seeing the WmDB package itself in the Management–>Packages list view or is it partial loaded?

Also do you have any IS822 core fixes installed?

This similar issue was resolved with Core Fix1

EDT [WmAuditingSC.queue.2010D] Attempting to insert event onto queue ‘Session Queue’

Please check this KB# 1739957 on the Empower




We do not have the core fix installed. Maybe I will give it a try today after going through the KB. Also, as you correctly said, we did not see WMDB in the management packages.

Last fix could be to just have the IS re-installed.

Just a note and you should keep IS update with Latest Core Fixes as they discovered for many issues and right now 822 fix level is at Core Fix9.