Unable to start the MWS


while start the MWS through “profiles\MWS_default\bin\startup.bat”. its unable to start the MWS. After some time the “.lock” file was deleted automatically. So please suggest me how fix the issue?

Rajesh, do you see any errors in the logs?
One thing that can cause issues is connection from MWS to a database.
If there are issues with the JDBC URL, username or password in the mws.db.xml file, MWS will not start.
You can find this file in your MWS instance config directory.
Edit this file, and triple check the values for the URL, USER for spelling mistakes / typos.
PASSWORD is not in clear text so if you are not sure if it’s correct, you can retype it. It will be encrypted when MWS starts.

It will be a blind guess without logs but check if there is a windows service running in the background that starts MWS server. Usually you don’t need to manually start mws process on windows unless you configure it on purpose. Better way to check is try to reach localhost:8585 (or custom port if you changed it) on the server you are trying to start mws. If the port is in use you won’t be able to start another one on the same port.

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