Unable to start DBAdapter

I’m not able to start DBAdapter, whenever I attempt to restart the DBAdapter, the broker is also disconnected. The error message below. The DBAdapter has been configured and running well all along. Any advice?

Error Message :
Task: Update infosets:
Could not save infosets of event type “AdapterConfig::MyDBAdapter”
:Connection Closed (103-1070): The connection is closed.

Because of the errors shown above, this adapter cannot be enabled! You can only save this entry without enabling it.


Have been getting a similar error. I’m running on Solaris and Oracle. In the Java tab of the Adapter Config, in the 'Add to library path:" field, have you specified /<install_directory>/lib, where <install_directory> is the Oracle installation directory (or whatever db you’re using)? This is really a Unix issue so may not be applicable in your case.