Oracle Adapter not starting on SunOS 5.8

I am using Oracle adapter on SunOS 5.8 using JDK1.3.1. I would like to seek help and advise from the forum on the problem that I am faced with.

I am encountering the following error when the Oracle adapter is started in the debug mode:
java.util.MissingResourceException: Can’t find resource for base name com.wm.adapter.jdbc.JDBCResources, locale en

However, when I started the adapter in normal mode, it will try to start without giving any warnings or errors and at the end of the timeout, it fails.

If I test the adapter, it saying that adapter is tested without errors.

FYI, I am not using any JDBC adapters and had not installed any JDBC adapters.

Thank you very much.

We had this problem when we installed webMethods Adapter 4.1.1 on a computer that previously had v4.1 of the adapter. During the uninstall, we were prompted whether we wanted to remove the existing broker configuration files. We said “no”.

Later, when we tried to start the adapters, we received this error.

The problem turned out to be a permissions problem with our /var/opt/activesw/adapters40 directory. All the files from our previous install were in there owned by user “bin”, with rw privs for owner only. The new files were owned by user “active”, with rw privs for owner only.

webMethods support found the problem. We changed the owner of all of bin’s files to active, and this solved the problem.