Problems In Oracle Adapter

I am seeing the following error from my oracle adapter, can anyone tell what is this error and why do i get this? What is the solution for this?
Right now i am restarting the adapter whenever I get this error and it works. can anybody help me?

event Adapter::error {
unicode_string adapterType = “oracle”;
unicode_string errorCategory = “Application”;
unicode_string errorText = “(304) ORA-01041: internal error. hostdef extension doesn’t exist\n”;
long eventId = 23233L;
struct {
int tag;
unicode_string trackId;
unicode_string destId;
date enqueueTime;
date recvTime;
unicode_string pubId;
int age;
} _env = {
tag = 2;
trackId = “#vclient77-128”;
destId = “#vclient77-128”;
enqueueTime = “01/23/2002 09:14:25.818”;
recvTime = “01/23/2002 09:14:25.818”;
pubId =
age = 0;

Prabhu, were you able to successfully connect to the Oracle DB prior to receiving this error? That is, did the adapter connect to the database for a period of time and then suddenly stop connecting? I only ask because it may show that the system got hosed somewhere…

The error shows that the hostdef extension doesn’t exist and after doing some research on that error, I turned up an Oracle document that says on a ORA-01041 error (HOSTDEF not found), contact Oracle customer service.

I do not know what the error means, but it looks like an internal Oracle error.

The Oracle adapter using OCI to connect with the database. This 1041 error is result of the connection is closed by the database server due to some database maintenance activitied. I had been working with webmethods for this issue, because when this error occurs the INSERT/UPDAE/DELETE operation will be failed, even the data is not inserted, the adaper will send an ack event as it shows successfully completed the operation. After a long reaserch found that when the database is in process of online backup there is a possibilty the connection would be closed and 1041. WM released a patch for this.