Unable to start correlator while using Universal Messaging plugin

Hi ,

I am trying to learn APAMA. I have downloaded the community edition and defined a monitor to connect to a UM server, for which I have proper license.

I get this below error:

Connectivity plug-ins: Exception while creating chain manager UMTransport.UM: Error while opening: UMConnectivity.dll or a library it depends on for the plug-in: UM: The specified module could not be found. (126)

However I am able to locate the “UMConnectivity.dll” at the Apama bin directory.

Can you please let me know, what am missing right now.

My UM.properties looks like this:

A comma-separated list of realm servers to connect to


Usually this property should be set to “error” for production, but can be set to “create”

to have Apama automatically create channels on UM as needed during development/testing

UM_missingChannelMode: create

I read in one of the posts that the community edition does not support UM connectivity. But the UMConnectivity.dll file is available.

Please advice.

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Hi Rajkumar, the key part of that error message is “or a library it depends on”. You have our binding to the UM libraries, but not the UM libraries themselves. In order to use UM from the Apama community edition you will need to install the UM libraries into the Apama installation.


Hi Rajkumar,
In addition to Matt’s information, Did you run apama_env.bat to set the environment? Do you have UniversalMessaging installed to the same location as Apama? If not, you need to add UniversalMessaging libraries to correlator’s classpath.

Is is possible to share your sample project?


Hi Matt / Sasmita,

Thanks for your response.

I have not yet run apama_env.bat, I will run it and will try starting my correlator.

UM is not installed on the same location of APAMA, UM is running a separate server on the same network. I will add UniversalMessaging libraries to correlator’s classpath.

I donot know how to add the UM libraries to the correlator’s classpath , but I will explore the same.

Once done I will share the outcome.

Thanks again for pointing me in the correct direction.

Thanks and Regards,

Hi Rajkumar,

Since you are using native (C++) UM connectivity, so it does not require to set classpath.


Hi Rajkumar,

As Sasmita says, the classpath is a red-herring in this case because you’re using the native integration rather than JMS. For this you will need to use the Software AG installer to add the Universal Messaging client libraries to your existing Apama installation. This will allow Apama to find the libraries and connect to UM.


Hi All,

I took some time, to carefully learn few tutorials on Apama. And I tried connecting to UM, but again I am struck where i left.

I am attaching the monitor files , event file, screenshots , logs and zip of my project as well.

Please advice on the what is missing. I believe its a tiny piece of the puzzle that is missing.


correlator_logs.txt (8.86 KB)

UM_Connectivity_Test.zip (19.2 KB)

I see you do not have the UniversalMessaging installed. It should be installed in the same location as Apama, for example in your case C:\Rajkumar\IoT\UniversalMessaging.

Its Working!!.

Though it did not make sense to install UM, but I still did and then moved the contents of UniversalMessaging directory to a temporary directory , but left the cplus directory intact and I was able successfully start the correlator.

I then, uninstalled UM and copied over the cplus directory from another Universal messaging installation, even then I am able to successfully start the correlator.

Thanks Everyone for help me out. I will mark this thread as Resolved.

However , when I try to send the message to UM, observing that the messages are sent to APAMA channel instead of UM. I will ponder over it , If am still unsuccessful, I will create a new thread.

Hi All,

Just a follow up; I was able to successfully start the correlator after adding the UM connectivity plugin.

Now, I am able successfully send and receive messages from universal messaging Channel.

Thanks Mark and Sasmita.


Happy to hear that Rajkumar. :slight_smile: