unable to send document to other trading network


I have configured two IS with TN each TN pointing to different database.
Both the TN have enterprise and the one is partner of other and vice versa. while submitting a document I have two scenarios

  1. In one of the TN, I can only sent document to the same network while sending to other trading network in other host it says ‘xml document not sent’
  2. similarly in other TN, i can only sent document to the other TN in other host whereas while submitting to the same netwok, it says ‘xml document not sent’

Here i have delivery method as primary http. both the TN have been configured almost similar.

please could some one help.
Thanks in advance.

How are you routing the documents to TN…

Is it via http service call or routeXML service??

In between both the TN’s you are using primary protocol talking to each other?

Also make sure all the necessary TN configuration in place (Profiles,doctypes,rules,protocol info etc…)


I am routing through routeXml.
If I submit directly from TN admin page then i could see the document delivered to other host but it says, ‘Invalid input - URIString [EDnvalid input - URIString [EDIINT.000001.003]’…
When i checked in advantage site, they ask to check whether there exist space b/w (Primary HTTP) the delivery method… but the delivery method protocol is from drop down list, how could the user change it…

Thru TN admin page are you giving the host information of other TN or same TN??

Also what i understood from your flow was once you routeXML to same IS/TN and the particular processing rule will get kickedoff which will deliver document (primary http) to the other TN??

yes. Thru TN admin page i ll provide other host details viz(hostname, port, username and password)

If thru TN Admin page was the request/post successful??