Unable to see Variables in webMethods Designer 9.7 Palette view.

Unable to see Variables in webMethods Designer 9.7 Palette view/section.

This is my first experience with webMethods. While trying to create sample flow I’m unable to see a “Variables” in webMethods Designer 9.7 Palette section. Not sure what else might also bee missing. Only following is displayed in palette.
Flow steps,
Insert and
Recently used services

Could any one be able to help further on this matter…

Any guidence always welcome.


Can you try to explain you approach a bit more in detail.

Eventually provide a screen shot.

This might help us guide you in the right direction.

Meanwhile have a look at _documentation/Designer directory in your installation and check for the Designer-Users-Guide. It might answer some questions you might encounter.


Thanks Holger.

Please refer attached screenshot.

Additionally I had tried find Designer-Users-Guide document in _documentation folder and subfolders, Advance search but couldn’t locate designer user guide. I’m using webMethods9.7(Win64bit) on Win 7 64bit.

Best Regards

Hey Sachin,

Are you on free trial version? Not sure what is wrong with your designer but I have alternate solution for your problem :slight_smile:

1> Go to Input/Output tab
2> Right click and go to Insert, from here you can add the data types that you want (String, StringList etc)


Hi Mahesh,

Thank you! Following your steps I’m able to move forward for now.

Currently I’m using Designer which is embedded with Trial version.

I’m not sure but if features are restricted due to Trial version then it’s very uneasy to do any tool and product assessment!

Is there any other option of getting the full version for assessment?



Even I am not sure why you do not have that option in your trial version. I see it in mine. Can you uninstall and re-install the designer alone and see if it fixes the issue. If it does not you have to deal with the current setup.

The Document I was referring to is the 9-5-SP1_Working_with_Designer.pdf located in _documentation\webMethods\Designer in your webMethods installation directory .

I am using currently wM 9.5 but should be named similar in wM 9.7.

You can also check the document base available from Empower or from here (http://techcommunity.softwareag.com/ecosystem/communities/public/_communities/documentation).