Unable to populate data in SenderId field in Trading Network Flat File Document

Hi All,

I am trying to create a Flat File document in MWS for Trading Network.

I want to map a DUNS number to the SenderID and ReceiverID in the Extracted Attributes.
Unfortunately i am unable to populate the DUNS data as its in disabled state.

Has anyone faced this issue, and has any solution to it?
Please help !!

Are you sure about the steps you are doing for FF?

To extract the SenderID and Receiver ID, we write a gateway service (either flow or java) and use TNParams.

Oh sorry.
I was doing it wrong.
I thought its a bug with mws.


Its OK, if you feel its still a bug and it is not as per design raised a bug report to SAG :lol:

Is it possible to report bug/issues to SAG for the trial version without company/client name?

Answer is NO as per my knowledge. You must have a enterprise license purchased or a customer to SAG to ask for any technical support (bugs/issues/suggestions)

OK… Thanks

No that is not possible as far I know :frowning: and yes it you are running a licensed version :smiley: