Unable to Login webMethods IS & API Gateway

Hi Community,

I have created webMethods Integration Server (IS) & API Gateway’s Docker Container using image from Docker Hub (Docker) and followed the given guide as well to start the API Gateway.

I have followed the below steps till now:

  1. pull softwareag/apigateway-trial:10.15 from DockerHub:
docker pull softwareag/apigateway-trial:10.15
  1. Increase the vm memory (I executed this command using wsl cli)
sysctl -w vm.max_map_count=262144
  1. Create and Start container from the Image
docker run -d -p 5555:5555 -p 9072:9072 --env apigw_elasticsearch_hosts=elastic-host:9200 --hostname apigw-host --name apigw softwareag/apigateway-trial:10.15

But I am getting “invalid credentials” error when I try to login webMethods Integration Server (IS) & API Gateway from localhost.

I would appreciate if any expert from community help me solve this issue.


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I am able to login to Integration server but still cannot login to API Gateway. The error i am getting is “The username/password is invalid”.


Can anyone from the community help me solve this issue.


@ahmed_shabbir , Make sure your Internal Data store is upon and running , if you are able to login Integration server then check if your WmAPIGateway package is loaded partial , if so then to increase the value of vm.max_map_count which is need to perform internal i/o operation as part of your Gateway startup

To me its seems to be your WmAPIGateway package loading issue, Try to set the value for sysctl -w vm.max_map_count=set the value higher to your current configuration.

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@DINESH_J Thanks for your response, You are right. WmAPIGateway package is loaded partial. I stopped the container and executed the ‘sysctl -w vm.max_map_count=262144’ command on wsl and started the container again but i am getting the same error.

I also tried to run the elastic search manually from /opt/softwareag/InternalDataStore/bin/startup.sh but i am getting below error

however, i have increased the vm.max_map_count:


Hi @ahmed_shabbir Please be informed 262144 is least value to start up , So try setting up the high threshold values for vm.max_map_count

sysctl -w vm.max_map_count= < Increate the value for till your gateway starts >

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@DINESH_J I have increased the vm.max_map_count but now i am getting different error ‘Server is unreachable’.


Do I need to open a port of elastic search (which is 9200) as well ?

Server Unreachable will occurs if your InternalDataStore is not up and running.

execute this to see if the server is upon and running.

curl -k “https://localhost:9240/_cat/allocation?v&pretty” --user username/Password

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