unable to login in wMTN package in IS and configure TN

Hi Techies,

For webMethods 10.2 version.I am using Administrator and manage keys to login into http://localhost:5555/WmTN/ but unable. The screenshot is attached.

Also not giving an option in MWS to add partner profile no option is showing to add partner profiles.

Reg. MWS Partner Profile creation make sure you have done the installation steps correctly and ran the DCC for TN Objects.

From the screenshot for the IS login, the username is given as manage. I think you should use username as Administrator and password as manage and then check if login works. Also check if the jdbc configuration is set for TN in Integration Server.

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I did face the same issue today as part of an upgrade, even if you specify the external RDBMS url details for TN during the installation and you run the DCC for TN component/product. Once you bring the IS, on JDBC pools, the associated pool alias for TN function name is not configured, you have to set it manually.